Our Leathers

Background of Bomonti Leathers

Health of everybody without exception is very important. We care our own health, family member's health, friends' health and even health of our beloved pets are important. So, your health is very important to us as we care for you.

While we design and manufacture our Bomonti Apple Watch Bands, we take all necessary measures to ensure that no harm will be coming from our goods. Your skin will be safe even if the leather gets humidity (wet from sweat or any other external factor such as spreading water or drink on the band), nothing will be coming out of the bands.

We are using a very special technique during tanning process on the hides. In order to get the desired finished leather, in tanning process, we are using a temporarily and disappearing chemical in the very early stage of tanning. This special chemical will be gone right before real tanning progress starts.

In the second stage of tanning progress, we use only and only vegetarian substances until the leather gets its final surface shape.

Due to all these factors, we are proud to call our leathers as "semi-vegetarian leathers".

In fact, we may call it "fully vegetarian" but due to the temporarily and disappearing chemical we use during the tanning, we do not find it fair and we want all our customers to be aware of it. We believe it is your divine right to know all the information on your purchasing products.

Handmade Leather Products

Another important fact about our goods is, all of our products are handmade. We believe, handmade goods are special since real effort by a caring human being performed on it; just like an artist is making the masterpiece. So, we believe in our soul that every single piece of our products is masterpiece!


Vintage Design

We always miss and look back the past ; we all have good and great memories left behind in our life and we really feel better and happy when we think about them. So, our idea in our product design is using vintage-design leathers so then it will make you remember all the good memories of your past.


Colour Scheme of Bomonti Leather

We have only 2 different colours of leathers. Black & Brown. You may be thinking "Why?" Our answer will be just simple; we have 3 codes in our designs: Elegance, Luxury and Simplicity. That's why we have only 2 colours in our designs.


Black Colour Leather


Black means business and luxury. That’s  why it’s the preferred colour for glamorous evening wear and stretch limousines. If you’re looking to convey drama, sophistication, and a hint of status, this colour will do the trick.

In colour psychology, black’s colour meaning is symbolic of mystery, power, elegance, and sophistication. In contrast, the colour meaning can also evoke emotions such as sadness and anger. Many fashion retailers have used black in their logos. Black is also a popular color for text as it’s an easy color to read. Some brands choose to use black and white photos for lifestyle banner images or icons to create a certain tone or consistency on their website.


Brown Colour Leather


Brown is an earthy colour. After all, it’s the colour of earth, wood and stone. So naturally, colour psychology highlights that the colour meaning for brown relates to comfort, security and a down to earth nature. In marketing, you’ll find that brown is often used for natural products and food.

The deep hues of brown inspire a sense of seriousness without black’s stronger overtones. It remains softer and its connection to natural tones makes it a


more grounded choice. Brands looking to portray a sense of quiet supportiveness and reliability could do well with brown. Its connection to nature also offers a sense of rugged, yet warm feelings. Brown represents nature, reliability, seriousness, confidence, security, friendship.