Our Story

Our founder loves to have leather products as it is in nature. A pair of well-designed shoes made from leather of a good tanned cow hide with great finished surface manufactured without harmful or hazardous chemicals which affect the human skin.

Leather shows and proves the elegance. Leather gives the self-confidence while you are wearing it. Leather is the symbol of style. Leather is the art of fashion. Leather is history. What a man or woman would want more! 

Due to the price advantages, artificial (fake) leathers are taking places of natural leathers. Artificial leathers are made of PVC which is a kind of plastic paw material – a petroleum product. It is eventually a plastic material. Can it give the same feeling as in the natural leather? The answer is simple and certain; absolutely no.


Simplicity is our code

Take a look at the nature, all of the beautiful and relaxing elements in the world are simple. Whenever the things get complicated, it becomes uglier! by getting the inspiration, all of our products are simple and beautiful. They are all eye-catching, elegant and attractive; and not just because we have top quality and premium raw materials because they are simple !